You are unique and wonderfully made. 

        So is your jewellery. 

"Kendra really puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and it shows in the quality craftsmanship of her pieces! Each piece is infused with love, and her trademark JOY!"  -Mishaela Fisler

Why Joy Creations?

Hi, my name is Kendra Joy, and I help down-to-earth women see the extraordinary in the ordinary with beautifully designed jewellery, meaningful custom gifts and by repairing family heirlooms and sentimental jewellery. 

Feel connected to the beauty in nature like falling leaves and breathtaking sunrises by wearing jewellery inspired by nature. 

Commemorate special events by commissioning custom designed jewellery and ornaments either for yourself or as a meaningful gift. 

Restore your love for old jewellery by having it repaired or re-made into something new. 

All jewellery is nickel-free, and we even carry plastic hooks and posts for women with severe metal allergies. 

Contact me now to get the conversation started! 


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