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Joy Creations, SK

Hi, I'm Kendra Joy! 

That's me on the left with my husband and daughter. 

It all started as a hobby, playing with clay and beads since I was in elementary school. I wasn't going to turn it into a business, but then women started to feel a connection with my creations and encouraged me to offer that gift more broadly. The pieces I make are inspired by creation and the God who created it. I use an artisan clay that can be molded into any shape or texture and the results sometimes surprise me! What you see in this shop is a small selection of what I can do. I specialize in custom designs that make really meaningful and touching gifts for loved ones. See some examples in the Gallery section. If getting a custom design appeals to you, contact me and I'll work with you to make it happen!

Thanks for visiting my store. I hope that you get a sense of the joy and connection I feel when surrounded by nature, family, and creativity. I'd love it if you reached out to tell me about yourself and what brings you joy!  

See you around, 
Kendra Joy

About the Jewellery
All pieces are made by hand with artisan clay. It's normal for these clay pieces to become flexible when warm and slightly brittle in very cold weather. If you get them wet, don't sweat because they're very durable! I've even accidentally put them through the wash ;) Just don't do it too much or some of the shiny overlay might rub off. 

The most unique part of my process is using real leaves and petals to add texture to the jewellery, which makes them very special. 

All metal is good quality and nickel-free. 
For extra sensitive ears, I'm able to take special requests for plastic earrings, surgical steel, sterling silver and gold plated.